Utah Mountain Blog 2 - October 5, 2009 - Alta 20"

Utah Mountain Blog 2- October 5, 2009 - Alta base 20"

Sounds like its awn for dawn patrol.  Upper Little Cottonwood, 5 am, confirmed. 


When ever people ask me what my favorite season is I say that I like them all.  I feel like if I say I prefer one over the other that I will be offending all the good things that each season in Utah has on offer.  The fall is so great for so many reasons that I am wary of saying that I can't wait for the ski season to get underway. 


One the the greats at http://straightchuter.com/2009/10/beginning-of-the-season/ has the idea that it is best to pace himself and focus his energy on the end of the ski season, so he takes it easy early.  Maybe some wisdom in that. 


Maybe not.   I am headed to Alta. 

Stay tuned to the Utah Mountain Blog for updates on the riding conditions throughout the Wasatch.