Utah Mountain Blog 6 - June 30, 2010 - Bear Grylls

Don't you love Bear Grylls?  I do.  I defend him when peple say 'Survivorman is way tougher' and 'he has it easy bc he has a crew with him'.  Whatever... he is 100% top shelf as far as I'm concerned.  On one of his episodes he toured the area around Moab, Utah.  Moab is a town, Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park are nearby and there ore a bunch of other regulated areas nearby.  Bear (or one of his clever production staff) kept refferring to the area as "THE MOAB" like it was "THE SARAHA" or "THE JUNGLE" or something.  I've never heard it called THE MOAB before.  But since Bear did it, I find myself kindof adopting the practice of taking a regular place and putting THE in front and making sound like a proper institution.  Instead of saying "I am hiking in the mountains" say "I am touring THE WASATCH". 

Just got back from a Lake Powell.  The UTAH MOUNTAIN SHUTTLE 01 performed well with two families and a pop-up in tow.  We stayed in the Ticaboo parking lot Wednesday night, took a dip in the morning, and headed to Stanton Creek primitive camping near Bull Frog Marina.  The water was coming up about 8 inches a day.  Everybody (but me) had to moving ther camp.  It was fun to see the landscape change as the water rose.  We had good times and acoupla trips up Moki.  The kids were in heaven.  Photos and vid to come.  But as we were getting ready for the trip I got out and inflated our Coleman mattresses.  Before we knew it was had a full-on white-trash bounce house party in the front yard.